Europe – identity under (de)construction

The next weeks the Atelier du Bureau will host a huge new european-wide project. 40 young people from all around Europe will use the space for workshops, rehersals and networking.



Informelle Gruppe“ is a voluntary and private association of socially engaged and politically active young artists, who live or work in the city of Salzburg. What brought us together was the wish to integrate and combine different fields of art, culture and science, such as theatre, acting, circus art, music and dance, creative writing and literature, media art and design, sociology and pedagogy, politics, etc.

The project entitled „Europe – identity under (de)construction“ is an International Youth Exchange between the Programme Countries of the Erasmus+ Programme. The exchange will take place in the city of Salzburg, from 23rd of August to 12th of September, and brings togehther 40 young people aged 18 to 30 years from Austria, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland.

The main topics of this exchange are:

  • European Citizenship, Awareness and Democracy
  • Creativity and Culture
  • Intercultural/Intergenerational and (life)long learning

During 21 days of planned activities we will approach the topic with and within the arts, in a theoretical, practical and playful way, especially with the ways and methods of theatre. All planned activites have the character of nonformal education. We will play, we will share, we will support each other.

Timetable (Excerpt):

23. August, 18:00 | Atelier du Bureau & Denkmal | Welcome Party
24.-30. August | Atelier du Bureau, public space, … | focus on group dynamics
31. August – 4. September | Atelier du Bureau, public space, … | Workshops
5. – 8. September | public space | location scouting & rehersal
9. & 10. September | public space | presentation/performance
11. & 12. September | Atelier du Bureau | reflection & goodbuy

Everybody is welcome to join us at the Welcome Party and of course at our presentations. The location and date will be announced here. The Atelier du Bureau will not only be our work space for the next weeks, on we will update you every now and then as a kind of „festival blog“. Stay tuned…